Co-Venture Real Estate

Every week we speak to dozens of individuals who are interested in real estate investing because they acknowledge the power behind real estate as an investment vehicle. But let’s face it, real estate investing requires an intense amount of research, analytics, hours of attending open houses or off-market properties, a team of specialized trades and service providers, and let’s not forget the strong working knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act when dealing with tenants! Add on top of that a family, perhaps some children, a career, and maybe a pet or two and it can very quickly become overwhelming and disarming. We have seen people get stuck in this “analysis paralysis” for years, just waiting for that perfect opportunity to transact! Will Rogers is famous for quoting, “don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait”; and the truth of that statement has proven true for decades!

Here’s a perfect example of this:



This property, located in Collingwood, Ontario, has a current appraised value of $565,000 (2020). This same home was purchased in 2003 for $130,000! If you had purchased that property back in 2003, you would have a potential total amount of $435,000 in appreciated equity alone, not to mention the income that could have been generated over the years as rental income. Maybe you put this off because you looked at the opportunity when it presented itself and you spent so much time “analyzing” or thinking about it that you actually missed the opportunity. Or, maybe you put this off entirely because life is just so busy for you, you can’t possibly fathom adding another ‘spinning plate’ to the mix. If either of these, or any other limiting factor have prevented you from taking the leap, then co-venture real estate just may be the solution for you!

Some ways we can help through Co-Venture Real Estate:

Each individual, as well as their goals and finances are uniquely different and will be treated as such.

We will:

  • Assess, listen and help create a guided pathway to achieving your investment goals
  • Connect you with our Power Team of experts who specialize in their various fields like mortgage brokers, insurance companies, real estate agents, accountants and lawyers
  • Find, appropriate investment opportunities that are hand delivered to you
  • Provide you with a full and comprehensive summary of analytics on potential investment options
  • Provide suggestions for appropriate strategies of execution
  • Assist with drafting and submission of any and all paperwork related to trading in real estate by a licensed professional in the field
  • Provide a fully insured and trustworthy team of contractors who are experts in the field of investment real estate
  • Provide a detailed schedule of renovation timelines
  • Provide access to our full property management service
  • Provide access to a personalized ‘investor portal’ where all documentation and communication is securely stored
  • Provide access to a full investor’s accounting suite which is updated and reconciled each month

Our clients who have participated in co-venture real estate transactions have all been incredibly happy with their experience and returns, but more importantly they feel safe in the relationships they’ve created with us and our power team. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I have been working with Kelly and Ian for the last few years as their corporate external accountants. I have seen many difference JV/Partnership arrangements and have also obtained reports from JV/Partners to prepare my clients corporate/personal tax filings. I was very pleased and happy to see the reporting that Kelly and Ian provide their JV investors and also the access that myself as the accountant has to the books and records. Ian does a fantastic job at organizing all permanent documents (P&S Agreement, JV Agreements, Leases, mortgage documents) in one central area. This provide us with full disclosure and clarity when we are preparing the corporation taxes for the year. Furthermore, their team actually enters our adjusting entries into their records to make sure all parties are working with the same information and reducing any discrepancies on filing between JV investments. Keep up the great work and I wish you guys all the success in the future!”

– Charn Hansra, CPA, CA, LP Clearhouse LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

“Very knowledgeable about their area and co-venture opportunities. Their ability to create a success pathway gave me the confidence to finally take that first leap into real estate investing, and I’m so glad I did.”

– Anonymous

“I began investing with Ian and Kelly in 2017. Since then they have helped increase my net worth by nearly $500,000 and now collect a total of $87,000 in gross rental income annually. Working with them has secured my financial future, but more than that, they are so much fun to work with! I couldn’t ask for anything more!”

– Anonymous