Sh*t happens

In February of 2020 Jeff and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with our friend for her milestone birthday. A true lover of life and explorer of all things new and unique, she had decided that for her special birthday activity she wanted us to go with her to the swimming with the PIGS excursion. Feeling a bit puzzled yet also intrigued, I shared with Jeff her request. Having grown
up working on a pig farm, Jeff looked up from the magazine article he was reading and made eye contact with me just slightly over the edge of his glasses and simply said “okay”, and went
back to reading. I found this to be a rather peculiar response from him, especially given the high cost of the activity, but figured maybe he didn’t hear the cost, so carried on to begin my research on swimming with the pigs. Now, to qualify “research” what I actually mean is I did what every woman of the millennial generation does and I sourced my information from Pinterest. And I must admit, the further down the Bahamian Piggy Pinterest hole I went, the more excited I became. The images of standing in 80 degree turquoise waters, with white sandy beaches
snuggling with tiny pink piggies and a margarita bar only feet away was nothing shy of Instagram worthy. I had the whole thing planned out in my mind, the pose I’d take with my piggy, I bought a new bathing suit and I even began my hashtag research in preparation for my best IG moment! I was ready, and it was going to be glorious!

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