General Lot info

Lots PT 34, 35 & 39 Caddo Drive

***The below maps are taken from Geo Warehouse and show approximate dimensions and locations. These lots are located on an unassumed road and there are no municipal services available.

***Please be aware that there has been a WALKWAY plowed for viewing of these lots. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE DOWN THIS WALKWAY**** 

The following information has been received from the planning office at Clearview Township All 3 are zoned Rural (RU) and two of the properties also have some Environmental Protection (EP) and FP Hazard Land Overlay. You will find below a snippet from Section 2.1 of the bylaws. These properties do not comply with section 2.1 and therefore building permits are not available and new uses cannot be established.

The following is a snip of Section 2.1 from Clearview Township Zoning By-law 06-54 which contains the provisions for the absolute minimum development standards for vacant lots.

With respect to parking trailers, motor homes, you are not able to use the lots for this purpose No storage of any items and no camping. Our Township does not allow shipping containers in any zone. The subject lands are located within what is known as an archaic plan of subdivision and are designated ‘Rural’ under the Township Official Plan (2001). The ‘Rural’ designation in the Official Plan contains several provisions that are relevant to the development of this archaic plan of subdivision.
  • Sec. Restricts development within one kilometer of the adjacent settlement areas, including the Town of Collingwood. This provision means that that lands within the Sixth Street and Caddo Drive Subdivision are to be considered under the ‘Agriculture’ designation. The ‘Agriculture’ designation is not inclined to permit non-farm residential uses in numbers. In this context, this provision is intended to restrict sprawl beyond the boundaries of our local urban settlement areas.

  • Sec. 4.4.4: Speaks specifically to the archaic plans of subdivision in the rural areas of the Township, noting that they are “unsuited to development due to minimum lot areas which are inadequate for private services, the lack of frontage on an improved public road and/or their location in settings incompatible with residential uses due to conflicts with traditional rural land use activities.” Further, the Official Plan confirms that it “does not foresee the future development of those plans within the Township’s rural areas and, as such, they are not recognized as subdivisions, and have not been assigned a Special Policy Residential or any other Residential designation.”

For further information on zoning rules and regulations with respect to (RU) Rural, (EP) Environmental Protection and FP Hazard land overlay